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Stay mobile, whatever happens

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Stay mobile, whatever happens

If you’re looking for peace of mind while driving, then you’ve come to the right place. Continental offers a range of sophisticated tire technology solutions which enhance ride comfort and ride quality, and mitigate the inconvenience of a flat tire.

Feeling distracted and bothered by excessive road buzz, for example? Then you may want to invest in a set of ContiSilent tires for a calmer, more peaceful journey.

Otherwise we guess you don’t want to be caught short by a sudden loss of air pressure for example because of a damaged tire? We can provide a fast, efficient, and safe fix that will enable you to continue your journey until you get home or reach the next garage. 



ContiKomfortKit er en sikker og handy løsning, som hurtigt får bilisten ud af en risikabel situation, der kan opstå i forbindelse med en punktering.

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The ContiMobilityKit for extended mobility.

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Replacement Bottle

Spare parts for the ContiMobilityKit: the tire sealant.

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Replacement Hose

Replacement hose

Spare parts for the ContiMobilityKit: the replacement hose.

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Spare tire: sContact™

Spare tires are designed for temporary and limited use in the event of a flat.

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